Men’s Relationship to Fashion

I wanted to share an article I just read on another popular blog site called Two Nerdy History Girls.  Every so often, they post something related to late 17th-century culture.  Their most recent article, More Fashions for the Gentlemen: 1700 vs. 1800,  compares how men dressed and behaved fashionably in two different centuries. 

The article, which you can visit at the link above, includes a wonderful engraving comparing men’s fashion trends in 1700 and 1800!  In today’s culture, there is a widespread idea that fashion is inherently feminine, and that men generally do not want to follow or practice fashion (although this is completely untrue, as guys follow trends just as much as the ladies).  This image illustrates several important fashion differences – the article discusses how their behavior, posture, attention to detail, and accessories change based on what was considered fashionable!

Click on the image to enlarge, and see if you can pick out what’s different!  Feel free to share your observations in the comments.  Thanks to the Two Nerdy History Girls and their interesting articles!

Hannah Howard

Volunteer Coordinator & Costumier


4 comments on “Men’s Relationship to Fashion

  1. Thank you so much for linking to the Two Nerdy History Girls. You’re right that we don’t generally often write about 17th c colonial America – we tend to stick to the topics and eras that we’re currently researching for our books – so I’m glad this one was useful to you.

    I did, however, write a post a while back about the young William Penn at the court of Charles II that might be of interest:

    I haven’t visited Pennsbury Manor since my kids’ grade school field trips, but after wandering about your blog, I’d say it’s high time I returned!

  2. Pennsbury Manor Staff says:

    Thanks Susan, that’s a great article – I love the alleged encounter with Charles II, that’s just what a young upstart would do! I enjoy subscribing to your blog and reading the wide range of topics, since I’m a Nerdy History Girl myself!!

    We’d love to have you visit again sometime, let me know if you decide to come and I’d love to give you a tour.

  3. RemakeStyle says:

    Yep. Men follow trends even down the history.

  4. You said it! We certainly do follow trends. Great article!

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