Waking up in the 17th century!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up and live like William Penn?  Spend a week eating and dressing like the Penn family, sleeping in the House at Pennsbury Manor? 

Well I can’t really help you there.  BUT apparently there are two hilarious, adventurous Britons who came very close to that dream!  I have recently discovered a very funny show called “The Supersizers,” hosted by restaurant critic Giles Coren and broadcaster Sue Perkins who spend a week dressing, eating, and living in different times throughout British History.  Not only is it absolutely hysterical to watch, but it offers a fascinating look at the food and lifestyle of the time!

One of the episodes looks at Restoration England, a slightly earlier time period (1660s) than what we interpret at Pennsbury (1683-1701).  But it’s still full of really fascinating insights (note the part where they discuss the rising popularity of vegetables!).  Enjoy!

*No copyright infringement intended, used purely for educational purposes*


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